Hello everyone!

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So I’m Tuba and I’m going to start a journey in my life that many think is scary.  I’m all for change and adventure so follow me as I travel across the US to San Francisco.  I’ve been going there for years but now I’ve made the decision to move there.  I have a whole support network already set up so all I have to do is show up and find a job.  Of course finding a job today is going to be somewhat a challenge.

So I leave Friday April 1st for a four day trip across the US.  I plan on stopping in Oklahoma City, OK, Flagstaff, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV to spend the night and get some much needed sleep.  I’ll try to make postings each day and let people know how the trip has gone.  I’ll try to include some pictures as well.

My friend Ray will be traveling along with me.  This should be interesting and a laugh a minute.  Ray and I have known each other since out days in College.  At Otterbein University we were fraternity brothers in Sigma Delta Phi and good friends.  Luckily for me we’re still great friends and enjoy spending time together. I’m sure there will be some great pictures of the two of us ‘yucking’ it up as we try to keep each other going on this trip.