A great Saturday hiking through McLaren Park

View over the neighborhood

Saturday I did something I hadn’t done before.  I went for a hike to McLaren Park here in San Francisco.  It was an amazing day outside.  The temperatures were amazing.  The sky was a clear blue.  Not a cloud in the sky really.

View over the city

View over the city

Sometimes I find it strange and amazing the things you can see.  Sometimes you find these views in the most unexpected places.  I was warned about this park being a dangerous place.

The view over my house

The view over my house

This picture was taken next to a water tower overlooking the neighborhood where my house is located.  Actually if you see that green field on the left side of the picture then my place is only a couple blocks from there.

View over the San Francisco bay

View over the San Francisco bay

Sometimes great views are a small glimpse between some trees.  This was exactly how I saw this view.  Walking through the park I viewed the bay between some trees.   I love it when I can see views of the San Francisco bay like this one.  This park is located in an area that has some great views.  You can believe I’m going back and take more from some other areas of the park.

Have a great day everyone.  Take some time to get out and see what’s around you.  We all have amazing things to see around us.  Have you taken time to smell the roses?


A day at the zoo

San Francisco Zoo

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Saturday was a magnificent day here in San Francisco.  The sun was out and the sky was blue. My friend Assen and I went to the San Francisco Zoo.  I have to say I’m very glad he suggested it as we had a great time.

The zoo is out by the ocean here in San Francisco.  I thought this might make it kind of windy and chilly but the weather was great. I just had on a T-shirt and that was enough.  In the shade it was a little on the cool side but not bad enough to actually put on my coat.

As we walked around I couldn’t help thinking it looked a lot like Disney World. It just wasn’t as clean I but then again Disney has all those people around there cleaning like a person with an OCD compulsion.  I really enjoyed the habitats for the animals. The African Region was very nice and it was great seeing the animals out in the yards.

after our time at the zoo we took MUNI back downtown and grab some dinner in the Westfield Mall.  We at the Korean BBQ restaurant which I had never eaten at before.  The food was good and the portions were large.

All in all it was a great day.  It was nice weather and I got to spend the day with a good friend.  If you get the chance I would recommend that you go check out the zoo here in San Francisco.  I think you’ll be pleased.