Hi dar’lin!

Welcome to my blog! My nickname is Tuba and this is a little something I put together so that my family and friends can see more about my life.  I recently moved to San Francisco and I like to travel around and see the sights.  So this blog is all about my little trips and adventures.

If you would like you’re welcome to drop me a line or comment on my post.  I would love to hear from you.  It also shows me that people are reading my post.  I’ll try to add some pictures so people can see my adventures and destinations.

If you have suggestions please feel free to send those to me too.  I can always use suggestions on places to go.  I may not go but chances are I will.  I like to check out places that people have suggested to me.  If someone thinks enough of it to say something to me then it must be half way decent.

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