A great Saturday hiking through McLaren Park

View over the neighborhood

Saturday I did something I hadn’t done before.  I went for a hike to McLaren Park here in San Francisco.  It was an amazing day outside.  The temperatures were amazing.  The sky was a clear blue.  Not a cloud in the sky really.

View over the city

View over the city

Sometimes I find it strange and amazing the things you can see.  Sometimes you find these views in the most unexpected places.  I was warned about this park being a dangerous place.

The view over my house

The view over my house

This picture was taken next to a water tower overlooking the neighborhood where my house is located.  Actually if you see that green field on the left side of the picture then my place is only a couple blocks from there.

View over the San Francisco bay

View over the San Francisco bay

Sometimes great views are a small glimpse between some trees.  This was exactly how I saw this view.  Walking through the park I viewed the bay between some trees.   I love it when I can see views of the San Francisco bay like this one.  This park is located in an area that has some great views.  You can believe I’m going back and take more from some other areas of the park.

Have a great day everyone.  Take some time to get out and see what’s around you.  We all have amazing things to see around us.  Have you taken time to smell the roses?


Driving down the California coast

A view of the Big Sur coast including the Bixb...

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The July 4th weekend I drove down the California coast. It was a beautiful drive because highway 1 goes right down close to the coast.  Some people think that the holiday traffic would be horrifying but in this case it was kind of nice.  It was a nice slow drive down the coast line and I could see the beaches and ocean.

I started here in the southern part of San Francisco and I got on CA Highway 1 outside of Pacifica.  Of course Pacifica has a beach in it and so traffic came to a screeching halt shortly after I got on highway 1.  It took a while to get past Pacifica but then I was able to drive a little more consistently down the coast.

I drove down to Santa Cruz on California Highway 1.  It was nice to see all the small farms along the way.  There was organic farms selling all kinds of vegetables.  I remember seeing Peas and Strawberries.  It was nice to see on one side of the car the ocean and the other side was small rolling hills with the farms.

Once I got to Santa Cruz I started to head inland towards San José.  That was a nice drive because on one side  there was gorge on the passenger side and the other side was going straight up the hill.  It was very nice but again you had to pay attention to the curves in the road.

The trip only took about 4 hours but it was a nice drive that I’m sure I’ll do again and make some stops along the way.  I would definitely like to stop at Bonny Doon Vineyard.  I remember stopping there with my friends on a trip several years ago and it was pretty nice.

Till next time, look for a day trip in your area!  There are tons of things to do in your neighborhood so get out there and find them.