Driving down the California coast

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The July 4th weekend I drove down the California coast. It was a beautiful drive because highway 1 goes right down close to the coast.  Some people think that the holiday traffic would be horrifying but in this case it was kind of nice.  It was a nice slow drive down the coast line and I could see the beaches and ocean.

I started here in the southern part of San Francisco and I got on CA Highway 1 outside of Pacifica.  Of course Pacifica has a beach in it and so traffic came to a screeching halt shortly after I got on highway 1.  It took a while to get past Pacifica but then I was able to drive a little more consistently down the coast.

I drove down to Santa Cruz on California Highway 1.  It was nice to see all the small farms along the way.  There was organic farms selling all kinds of vegetables.  I remember seeing Peas and Strawberries.  It was nice to see on one side of the car the ocean and the other side was small rolling hills with the farms.

Once I got to Santa Cruz I started to head inland towards San José.  That was a nice drive because on one side  there was gorge on the passenger side and the other side was going straight up the hill.  It was very nice but again you had to pay attention to the curves in the road.

The trip only took about 4 hours but it was a nice drive that I’m sure I’ll do again and make some stops along the way.  I would definitely like to stop at Bonny Doon Vineyard.  I remember stopping there with my friends on a trip several years ago and it was pretty nice.

Till next time, look for a day trip in your area!  There are tons of things to do in your neighborhood so get out there and find them.


Just a little drive

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Last night I had a gig with the San Francisco Freedom Band and the function was being held at the San Francisco Art Institute.  I had another band member go with me as my navigator.  So most of the ride was your normal cross city drive but we had some extra time so we drove down Lombard Street.  Lombard Street has the distinction of being the most crooked street in the world.  I have to say the houses on the street were beautiful.  Also you never have to worry about people speeding by your house.

The Art Institute was a nice facility.  There was a beautiful view from one of the terraces.  It was overlooking the bay.  There was a wonderful courtyard.  I would guess that they use the courtyard for events often.

On the way home we drove through the Stockton Street Tunnel.  My navigator told me that the tunnel is used for car chases and movie shoots.  It was kind of interesting driving under Chinatown and coming out next to Union Square.  It always amazes me how things like the Stockton Tunnel are over looked.  I guess it’s like seeing a cow in Ohio.

So that was my tourism in a couple of hours.  Just a drive from one part of town to another.  More to come as I make these little trips around the San Francisco area.

A Day at the Beach

So Thursday I was out riding MUNI and I took the train to the zoo.  Well I didn’t see a zoo but I did end up at the beach.  Ocean Beach is a beach out on the coast of San Francisco.  It was somewhat an interesting ride out to the beach.  There are always a lot of small shops along the streets.  Small coffee shops, restaurants, boutique clothes shops, and every other kind of retail store.

I took some photos while I was at the beach.  It was beautiful and the sand was so soft.  I hadn’t really planned on being at the beach but it was still fun.  I’ll have to go back out on a really nice day.  Here are some pics I took out at the beach.  I’ll have to work on my skills of resizing pictures so that they line up better.

Ocean Beach sign Ocean


Ocean Ocean

I didn’t realize it but Ocean Beach is the on the one side of Golden Gate Park.  I’ve been to the park before and there are some wonderful things to see.  Below are a couple of pictures I took.

Golden Gate Park Entrance Sign On a Large Rock. Wind Mill

Hill Side in Golden Gate Park Hill Side in Golden Gate Park

Hill Side in Golden Gate Park

Something I thought was amazing while I was out walking along the beach was the flora.  There were lots of succulents and they had some beautiful flowers.  I was amazed because they were growing wild all along the roadway and paths.


Flowers Flowers

Flowers Flowers

Flowers Flowers

Garden of Succulents

Week One

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So I’ve been here a week and I’ve been pretty relaxed and not doing too much running. As you may know from my other blog I’m unemployed. So I’m living on a limited income. I thought I would share some of the things I’ve done thus far.

Sunday I did a casual trip to the Castro.  I was going to a bar that I’ve been to several times before. It was fun because there was an event going on and there was a lot of people in the bar.  The event was a fundraiser with the Ducal Council as the sponsor.  There were some “ladies” all dressed up in their finest.  I love those kinds of days where you just go on a simple trip and fall into something far bigger then you had planned on.

Today I had a doctor’s appointment so I used public transportation.  Now you wouldn’t think that would be such a big deal but what would have taken 20 minutes to drive to, took almost 50 minutes on the bus.  So I had to get up extra early and make sure I was out waiting on the bus to come.  Now that’s not to difficult but I had to transfer from one bus to another.  So I got off the first bus and I saw a sign for the bus stop that I needed to catch.  Well I thought I would just walk up the street since I didn’t see the bus coming.  Well that’s not the best idea when you don’t really know the bus route.  So after standing around for a little while I noticed that the bus hadn’t come along.  So I walked back to the bus stop I had seen down the street.  Then wouldn’t you know it, along came a bus.

After the doctor’s appointment I needed to run some paperwork to a downtown office.  So I had already mapped out my route and I went to get on that next bus.  I came quick and I didn’t really have any problems.  The funny with this bus was it was going across several hills in the downtown area.  So it was very odd when the bus had to come to a stop at a cross street on one of these fairly steep hills.  The bus had to pass through Chinatown so that was fun catching a glimpse into some of the shops along the street.  I have to say it was a pretty interesting ride.

OH after dropping off the paperwork was a real comedic experience because I got on the bus going the wrong direction.  It was one of those historical street cars (from Philadelphia).  I thought it was no big deal because it would just have to go down to the ferry building and turn around.  Once again I thought I knew the route the bus would take and I didn’t.  The street car went down to the Ferry Building like I had expected but then it continued to run along the piers.  It was interesting because I did see some different places that I would like to go check out on another day.  Then the bus came to the end of its route.  This shows my ignorance about public transportation.  I thought it was just a never-ending loop.  That’s not the case.  So the driver announces the last and I think to myself “What am I going to do?”  Being a person who travels pretty easy I just think I’ll catch another bus in that area.

I mean that couldn’t have been the only bus going there.  I can say that with some certainty because we had pulled up behind another street car.  So I get out throw away some trash I had in my pocket and notice that the street car, parked in front of the one I had gotten off, starting to load people.  So I jump on and ride it back up Market Street to a point where I could catch the bus to my house.

Now some may not think that riding a bus is exciting and maybe they’re right but I had a good time.  I’m waiting on my bus pass to arrive in the mail (Clipper card).  Once I get that there are several major lines that I want to check out.  They look a little more trains.  They even run underground in the downtown area.  I’ll try to take some pictures to post of the “interesting” things one may see on the bus. Till then you’ll just have to revel in this story.

Sucessful trip

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Well I’m in San Francisco and I’m working on getting settled in to my new life.  The trip went well and I am tired.  So now I’m in the process of getting some things done.

  1. Find a job
  2. Find a doctor
  3. Touch base with the San Francisco Freedom Band
  4. Start looking for a place to live
  5. Establish connections with old friends
  6. Go have a drink at my favorite bar, Edge.

So now I start my new life in San Francisco.  Working to get established and begin from square one.  Well that’s not really true.   I’ve been here in San Francisco a number of times and I know people.  So now I just need to drive in and get started.

Hello everyone!

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So I’m Tuba and I’m going to start a journey in my life that many think is scary.  I’m all for change and adventure so follow me as I travel across the US to San Francisco.  I’ve been going there for years but now I’ve made the decision to move there.  I have a whole support network already set up so all I have to do is show up and find a job.  Of course finding a job today is going to be somewhat a challenge.

So I leave Friday April 1st for a four day trip across the US.  I plan on stopping in Oklahoma City, OK, Flagstaff, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV to spend the night and get some much needed sleep.  I’ll try to make postings each day and let people know how the trip has gone.  I’ll try to include some pictures as well.

My friend Ray will be traveling along with me.  This should be interesting and a laugh a minute.  Ray and I have known each other since out days in College.  At Otterbein University we were fraternity brothers in Sigma Delta Phi and good friends.  Luckily for me we’re still great friends and enjoy spending time together. I’m sure there will be some great pictures of the two of us ‘yucking’ it up as we try to keep each other going on this trip.