Weekend Get Away to Lake Tahoe and Reno

Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe around the barge li...

Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe around the barge line and terminus of the flume (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past weekend I took a road trip to the Lake Tahoe region.  I say region because I drove around Lake Tahoe.  On my driving extravaganza I spent the night in Reno.  I have to say the views and majestic beauty of Lake Tahoe is breath-taking.  This I could see by driving highway 89, winding my way around the lake.  I took the time to stop at the vista points set up for tourist like myself.

While in Reno I stayed at the Silver Legacy Casino.  The hotel was nice and like many casinos it was a complex that you could walk around which was nice because it was in the upper 90’s outside.  There was a BBQ festival or some such thing going on outside the casino.  I went out once the temperatures has started to drop but I didn’t see much.  There was a pretty cool rock climbing wall on the outside of one of the casinos.  You can see it in my pictures on the photographs page.

The trip wasn’t so relaxing as I was trying to see as much as possible in basically 1 day.  I do know now that it will be a place to go back to for maybe a long weekend.  For anyone who knows me, I won’t be going back during winter either.  Unless I fly or someone else is doing the driving.  Those mountain passes were bad enough during the summer.  I can’t imagine driving on them with snow and ice.

Oh and I don’t know if it was because it was a ‘holiday weekend’ or just normal Sunday traffic but getting home took far longer then driving to Lake Tahoe.  That might be another thing I consider the next time I go.  The driving home went through the Sacramento area which was over 100 degrees.  I was actually worried that the poor rental car might break down since there was so much sitting in traffic.

All in all it was a good trip and I got to see some amazing views.  Be sure to check out my Photographs page to see the pictures I took.


Driving down the California coast

A view of the Big Sur coast including the Bixb...

Image via Wikipedia

The July 4th weekend I drove down the California coast. It was a beautiful drive because highway 1 goes right down close to the coast.  Some people think that the holiday traffic would be horrifying but in this case it was kind of nice.  It was a nice slow drive down the coast line and I could see the beaches and ocean.

I started here in the southern part of San Francisco and I got on CA Highway 1 outside of Pacifica.  Of course Pacifica has a beach in it and so traffic came to a screeching halt shortly after I got on highway 1.  It took a while to get past Pacifica but then I was able to drive a little more consistently down the coast.

I drove down to Santa Cruz on California Highway 1.  It was nice to see all the small farms along the way.  There was organic farms selling all kinds of vegetables.  I remember seeing Peas and Strawberries.  It was nice to see on one side of the car the ocean and the other side was small rolling hills with the farms.

Once I got to Santa Cruz I started to head inland towards San José.  That was a nice drive because on one side  there was gorge on the passenger side and the other side was going straight up the hill.  It was very nice but again you had to pay attention to the curves in the road.

The trip only took about 4 hours but it was a nice drive that I’m sure I’ll do again and make some stops along the way.  I would definitely like to stop at Bonny Doon Vineyard.  I remember stopping there with my friends on a trip several years ago and it was pretty nice.

Till next time, look for a day trip in your area!  There are tons of things to do in your neighborhood so get out there and find them.

Just a little drive

Cars negotiate Lombard Street's famed twisty s...

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Last night I had a gig with the San Francisco Freedom Band and the function was being held at the San Francisco Art Institute.  I had another band member go with me as my navigator.  So most of the ride was your normal cross city drive but we had some extra time so we drove down Lombard Street.  Lombard Street has the distinction of being the most crooked street in the world.  I have to say the houses on the street were beautiful.  Also you never have to worry about people speeding by your house.

The Art Institute was a nice facility.  There was a beautiful view from one of the terraces.  It was overlooking the bay.  There was a wonderful courtyard.  I would guess that they use the courtyard for events often.

On the way home we drove through the Stockton Street Tunnel.  My navigator told me that the tunnel is used for car chases and movie shoots.  It was kind of interesting driving under Chinatown and coming out next to Union Square.  It always amazes me how things like the Stockton Tunnel are over looked.  I guess it’s like seeing a cow in Ohio.

So that was my tourism in a couple of hours.  Just a drive from one part of town to another.  More to come as I make these little trips around the San Francisco area.

Sucessful trip

USGS Satellite photo of the San Francisco Bay ...

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Well I’m in San Francisco and I’m working on getting settled in to my new life.  The trip went well and I am tired.  So now I’m in the process of getting some things done.

  1. Find a job
  2. Find a doctor
  3. Touch base with the San Francisco Freedom Band
  4. Start looking for a place to live
  5. Establish connections with old friends
  6. Go have a drink at my favorite bar, Edge.

So now I start my new life in San Francisco.  Working to get established and begin from square one.  Well that’s not really true.   I’ve been here in San Francisco a number of times and I know people.  So now I just need to drive in and get started.